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mUSOS Mobile USOS is the only official mobile application developed by the USOS team of programmers. USOS is the University Study System used at many universities in Poland. Each university has its own version of the Mobile USOS, depending on the USOS version currently implemented at the university.

The Mobile USOS URK is designed for students and employees of the University of Agriculture in Krakow. Application version 1.0 provides the following modules:



 Class schedule - by default the class schedule is shown for today, but there are also options 'Tomorrow', 'All week', 'Next week' and 'Any week'.

 Class groups - information about the course, lecturers and participants are available; the location of classes can be viewed on Google maps, and the dates can be added to the calendar used on the mobile phone.

 Grades - in this module the student will see all the grades obtained. The system sends notifications about new grades on a regular basis.

 Surveys - the student can complete the survey, the employee can see the up to date number of completed surveys.

 USOSmail - you can send a message to participants of one or many class groups

 My ID cards - the student will see the obverse and the reverse of his electronic student ID, PhD student - doctoral student ID, and employee - employee ID card.

 My eID - PESEL, index, ELS/ELD/ ELP etc. are available as QR code and bar code.

 Useful information - this module shows information that the university deems particularly useful, e.g. contact details of the student dean's office and student government.

 News - messages sent by authorized persons (dean, student section employee, student self-government, etc.) are delivered to the mobile phone on a regular basis.

 Map - map with locations of buildings belonging to the University.

 Search engine - you can search for students, employees, courses.

   In order for the application to work properly, the following are required: Internet access and an account in university services (the so-called CAS account)

   The mobile USOS URK is available in Polish and English.

   The application is still being developed and new functionalities will be added successively. The team of USOS programmers is open to users' comments.


   At the moment, the application works only on smartphones with Android.

   Work is underway on launching the iOS version


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