Modern Technologies and Engineering in Sustainable Forest Utilization


Conference affiliated with IUFRO,
Unit: 3.00.00 - Forest Operations Engineering and Management
Unit: 3.03.00 - Forest Ergonomics



 Business and Science in Kraków

June 4-6, 2023


Objective and scope of the Conference

The aim of the Conference is to present and discuss current scientific and practical achievements in the field of harvesting of timber and other forest raw materials, based on modern technologies and engineering management of stands. After the end of the pandemic period, the exchange of information on current scientific achievements and applications of research project results between foreign and national research centres will contribute to expanding theoretical and practical knowledge, on the use of productive and non-productive values of forests. Stepping up cooperation in ongoing and planned research and higher education, not only in the direction of rational management in state forests, but also in the direction of forestry in urbanized areas, forests around conurbations and private forests, should respond to the increasingly common emergencies, even on a global scale.

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